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Electronic Wires


PLC Trainers for OSUIT

We were fortunate enough to win a bid to build PLC trainers for Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in late 2023. We build 24 PLC trainers which was an  update from their previous CLICK PLC trainers.


PLC Mini Trainer Wings

This is our newest project yet. We are developing PCB wings that work with CLICK and Allen Bradley PLCs. These will be for students learning how to program PLCs for a faction of the cost.

Coming Soon Neon Light
Coming Soon Neon Light

VFD Trainers for OSUIT

In addition to winning the PLC trainer bid we also won the VFD trainer bid. We built 12 VFD trainers for the students. PowerFlex 525 drives and 1/3hp motors give students a true hands on experience.

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